I taught at the University of Tennessee for seven years and now teach at the University of South Florida. I am most experienced teaching survey courses in applied ethics, although I have also taught Introduction to Philosophy twice and will teach Philosophy of Religion in Spring 2019. Most of my classes meet general education requirements and have no pre-requisites, which means they are designed for students who have had no prior exposure to philosophy. For an overview of how I approach teaching undergraduates, please read my Teaching Statement.

This page contains links to my course syllabi and schedules, some recent student evaluations, several syllabus prototypes, and a list of student resources. The syllabus prototypes are descriptions of courses that I have have developed and am prepared to teach but have not yet taught. The student resources are designed to give students further insight into how to read and write philosophy. Fellow philosophy instructors should feel free to use any of these resources in their own courses.

Recent Syllabi and Student Evaluations

Syllabus Prototypes

Student Resources

Advice on Academics in General

Guides to Reading and Writing Philosophy

Handouts on Reading and Writing Philosophy


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I am currently a postdoctoral research fellow at The Ohio State University who teaches in the College of Pharmacy. My primary research interests are in applied ethics and epistemology.


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