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Professional News, 9/15/2017

I have just started my first semester a postdoctoral scholar at the University of South Florida. I work as part of the Provost's Postdoctoral Initiative in the Social Sciences and Humanities and am affiliated with the Philosophy Department. While teaching a course in biomedical ethics, I am continuing my research program in applied ethics. At the moment, I am preparing a book proposal based on the core ideas of my dissertation and preparing two article-length papers for submission to journals. Each of them addresses the topic of biodiversity. The first examines what makes biodiversity valuable, and the second considers what obligations we may have to pursue research in synthetic biology as a means of compensating future people for the biodiversity loss caused by climate change.

During the 2016-2017 academic year, I had several papers accepted for publication. "Appraising Objections to Practical Apatheism" (coauthored with Jordan Huzarevich) has been published in Philosophia, and "Climate Change, Moral Integrity, and Obligations to Reduce Individual Greenhouse Gas Emissions" will appear in a forthcoming issue of Ethics, Policy & Environment. I also recently provided a commentary on Miriam McCormick's Believing Against the Evidence: Agency and the Ethics of Belief. My comments, along with Dr. McCormick's response, are published as part of a book symposium in Syndicate Philosophy.

Beyond my research, I also made a contribution to the The Deviant Philosopher, a teaching resource for those looking to infuse their courses with philosophical content that deviates in subject or approach from mainstream western philosophy. My course unit Psychological Obstacles to Acting Ethically focuses on the various ways that psychological tendencies can cause people to act unethically even when they have good intentions. The readings bridge the gap between ethics and psychology, and Zootopia serves as an introduction to the psychological aspects of bias and prejudice.

While I was finishing the dissertation, I had to put several other projects on hold. One of these was my blogging at The Philosophers' Cocoon. I've now returned to making regular contributions, and my first posts of 2017 are a series of relections about the dissertation. I expect to be contributing posts far more consistently during this academic year.

Website Updates, 9/15/2017

I have now updated my contact information to reflect my position at the University of South Florida. Some of my professional memberships have also changed. The Research page has been updated to reflect some changes in my current research projects, and the Teaching page now includes information about my biomedical ethics course.


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I am currently a postdoctoral scholar affiliated with the philosophy department at the University of South Florida. My primary research interests are applied ethics and epistemology.


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