Thanks for visiting my website, the best source for information about my research in philosophy, current whereabouts, and other professional news. The website layout has changed dramatically from its original format, but I have kept as much of the old content as possible. Readers looking for my creative writing and other relics from the past can visit the Archive page. Papers and other documents are all in PDF format, so make sure you have installed a PDF reader such as Adobe Reader or Foxit Reader if you want to download and view them.

Current professional news and recent website updates are mentioned below, and contact information is listed at the bottom of the page. I try to respond to all inquiries about my research and teaching, but I cannot always reply quickly.

Professional News, 4/8/2016

Ecology, Ethics, and Hope, an anthology edited by Andrew Brei, has been published. Chapter 5, titled "Optimizing Hope: A Response to Nolt," is my contribution to the volume. The chapter is a critical appraisal of John Nolt's "Hope, Self-Transcendence, and Environmental Ethics" (which is also published in the volume). John responds to my criticisms in chapter 6.

My paper "Unraveling the Asymmetry in Procreative Ethics" has been accepted for publication in the APA Newsletter on Philosophy and Medicine, along with a commentary written by Dana Howard. The accepted manuscript is a slightly revised version of a paper presented at the Eastern Division Meeting of the American Philosophical Association. A draft is viewable in the Papers section.

Website Updates, 4/8/2016

It took nearly a year, but the site's got a new look and a lot of new content. I've updated my CV and uploaded some new papers. Certain sections on the Teaching page are still under development, but sample syllabi and student resources are viewable. The right-hand column contains links to various professional associations, philosophy blogs, and other resources that may be of interest, assuming you have an interest in philosophy. If you don't have an interest in philosophy, then I suspect your Google search has taken you to the wrong place.


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I am currently a graduate teaching associate in the philosophy department at the University of Tennessee. My primary research interests include applied ethics, normative ethics, and epistemology. I am currently writing a dissertation that addresses the ethics of procreation in light of the environmental impacts of overpopulation.


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