summer vacation photo Thanks for visiting my website. If you're looking for information about my teaching or academic research, then you've come to the right place.

The website layout has changed dramatically from its pre-2016 format, but I have kept as much of the old content as possible. Readers looking for my creative writing and other relics from the past can visit the Archive. Papers and other documents are often in PDF format, so make sure you have installed software such as Adobe Reader or Foxit Reader if you want to download and view them.

Current professional news and recent website updates are mentioned below, and contact information is listed at the bottom of the page. I try to respond to all inquiries about my research and teaching, but I cannot always reply quickly.

Professional News, 10/13/2016

A busy summer resulted in several papers getting accepted for publication. "Appraising Objections to Practical Apatheism" (coauthored with Jordan Huzarevich) will appear in a forthcoming issue of Philosophia, and "Climate Change, Moral Integrity, and Obligations to Reduce Individual Greenhouse Gas Emissions" will appear in a forthcoming issue of Ethics, Policy & Environment. Later this fall, I will also be providing a commentary on Miriam McCormick's Believing Against the Evidence: Agency and the Ethics of Belief as part of a book symposium in Syndicate Philosophy.

In November, I will be attending the 2016 meeting of the Tennessee Philosophical Association to provide comments on Luke Semrau's "Misplaced Paternalism and Other Mistakes in the Debate over Kidney Sales." Following that meeting, the last major item for the fall is completing the dissertation and distributing it to my committee. My dissertation defense is currently scheduled for late January.

Website Updates, 10/13/2016

Virtually all the pages on the website have received an update. My Papers now include a few new publications and some in-progress dissertation chapters. If you want to get a general idea what the dissertation is about, a Dissertation Abstract is also available. The Teaching page now includes some updated course syllabi and a statement of my teaching philosophy, and the Research page has been updated to reflect some changes in my current research projects. Finally, my CV has received its usual post-summer update.


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I am currently a graduate teaching associate in the philosophy department at the University of Tennessee. My primary research interests include applied ethics, normative ethics, and epistemology. I am currently finishing my doctoral dissertation, which addresses the ethics of procreation in light of the environmental impacts of overpopulation.


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